Central Florida Drunk Driving Accident: Injury to Person or Persons

In Central Florida, drunk driving accident arrests are no rare occurrence. If you are involved in an accident, not only do you face the charges that can be filed against you, you face jail, loss of license, fines, community service and other expenses. How much jail time and how much it will all cost you depends on whether or not you have ever been convicted of drunk driving before and what type of accident you have been involved in. if you knock over a mailbox, for instance, you have committed a simple, first degree misdemeanor. However, if you knock down a mailman during your Central Florida drunk driving accident, then you will have moved up to a third degree felony. If the mailman dies from his injuries, the charge could become a DUI manslaughter, which could be a felony of either the first or second degree depending on your behavior after the crash. If you knew that you might have injured someone and left or tried to leave the scene anyway, you might be charged with a first degree felony.

A Central Florida drunk driving accident could result in other charges as well. For instance, you could be charged with what led to the crash in addition to the drinking. Were you speeding? Did you swerve to miss another car or did you simply run a red light? All of these can mean additional charges added to your case. If you are accompanied by a minor child (defined as anyone less than 18 years of age), you can be charged with additional crimes, including child endangerment, which can also change a misdemeanor or lower-level felony charge to second or first degree felonies.

There are hefty fines to be paid in a Central Florida drunk driving accident. You will have to pay for any property that is damaged during the accident as well as the cost of the medical care of any people that you have hurt in any way. Beyond the criminal court, you may also be facing civil court proceedings, especially if an injured party dies from the accident.