Central Florida Drunk Driving Attorney: How to Find One Fast

If you are sitting in a drunk tank or holding cell and wondering if you need a Central Florida drunk driving attorney, the answer is yes. You need to be represented in court so that you can be sure that you do not agree to something that you do not fully understand and so that you do not give away any of your legal rights. You also need a Central Florida drunk driving attorney so that you do not mess up any of your paperwork, miss any court appearances or mishear any of what is said in court. Unless you hold a law degree or read a lot of law journals, you will not always understand what is said, which can make things very difficult for you. As you become confused and frustrated, you might say or do things that you do not really mean.

You should have a Central Florida drunk driving attorney, no matter if this is your first, second or beyond charge. For a first offense, the lawyer might be able to get the charge reduced, or even save you from having to face the DUI. For other cases, you may be able to make a plea agreement that will help you spend less time in jail or get only probation. You may not be able to discuss the case with the prosecuting attorney directly, which is why having a Central Florida drunk driving attorney is the best solution in the situation. Working out a plea agreement with the prosecutor is one of his jobs.

You will still have to pay fines and court costs. You may still lose your driver’s license for a period of time. You may even still face some jail time; however, the time you spend away from your family or without your license can be greatly reduced if you have a good attorney on your side. The right one can argue that you need to get your license back quicker and offer ways to help you get that done, such as attending DUI school or having the license be returned as conditional during your probation period.