Central Florida Drunk Driving Lawyer: DUI School for First Time Offenders

One of the things that even the best Central Florida drunk driving lawyer may not get you out of is the loss of your license after a drunk driving conviction. However, you might be able to get it back sooner if you agree to go to DUI School. This program teaches first time offenders not only for this conviction but for those convicted of other crimes as well. This may be a requirement before you get your license back in many cases.

A Central Florida drunk driving lawyer will explain what the school means as well as how you get registered for it and what it is likely to cost. He or she will also explain a number of other factors that could help you get through your case faster, such as requesting to take the DUI School before it is ordered. There are a number of payment plans to help pay for the school and the program is very beneficial to everyone; especially those who may have an alcohol problem that they need to identify and get help for.

The Central Florida drunk driving lawyer will help you get copies of the paper work that you will need to complete your registration for the class, which includes a court order (if you have one), the arrest affidavit or crash report, DUI citation, breath or blood alcohol level reading, your driver’s license number and photo identification. Most of these items will be given to you by the Central Florida drunk driving lawyer that is handling your case so that you can get started as quickly as possible.

The course itself consists of 12 hours plus a one hour psychosocial evaluation by a certified DUI evaluator. There are several methods of teaching including class lectures and discussions, handouts and videos. Classes are offered at several different times including days, evenings and weekends in four Florida counties (Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Brevard). Classes are taught in both English and Spanish.