Florida Arrested for DUI: What it Might Mean for You

In Florida, arrested for DUI may mean the loss of your driver’s license for a minimum period of 180 for a first offense and longer for subsequent convictions, however, this period is dependent on your behavior during the actual traffic stop. If you refused the request of the arresting officer to complete a breath, blood or urine test to gauge the level of your impairment, you may lose your license for a full year in addition to any time levied by the court. When you receive and sign your Florida driver’s license, you agree automatically to comply with these tests when asked to do so.

Arrested for DUI in Florida may mean fines, court costs and other fees that can be quite expensive. For instance, the fine alone for a first time offender can be between $250 and $500. In addition, there are court costs, attorney fees and the other expenses to consider. It is estimated that when all is said and done, a first time conviction may lead to more than $8,000 in costs for the defendant.

In Florida, arrested for DUI may mean DUI School, which is a program that is meant to teach offenders what drunk driving may mean to the community at large as well as to the family of the offender. This school is paid for by the defendant and takes 21 hours to complete. The school can be completed online however, making it convenient.

In Florida, arrested for DUI will also mean possible jail time, meaning that for a first offense, you could be looking a sentence of six months or more without the benefit of a knowledgeable attorney who can help you get reduced or suspended sentencing and can help you keep your license in many cases.