Florida Arrested for DUI: What Should I Do Now?

In Florida, arrested for DUI may mean a number of things, but did you know that the outcome can be changed by many factors? Did you know, for instance, that your civil rights could have been violated in a number of ways during your arrest and you may not even be aware of it? After all, the cops are not going to be as blatant as what you see in extreme tapes on the reality shows or in movies- but do you know the subtle ways that your rights might be infringed? Unless you are an attorney yourself, the answer to that question is likely to be ‘no’.

If you have found yourself in Florida, arrested for DUI, your first step should be contact an attorney who can analyze not only the case as it is being presented but all the factors leading to your arrest in the first place. Did the cops have a good reason to pull you over? Do you know if they need to have a good reason to pull you over? Did they follow the steps that they need to? For instance, most people assume that if you are being arrested, that you automatically should have your rights read to you, mainly because they see that on cop shows and on movies. However, unless you are actually “arrested” the cops do not have to read the Miranda rights to you at all. In fact, they will typically try to hold off from doing so as long as possible. This is just another of the reasons that if you are in Florida, arrested for DUI and facing charges, you should call an attorney for help.

Not only will you be looking at a number of potential different types of punishments, which can include fines or jail time, you could be looking at the loss of your license for a lengthy period. Being arrested and then convicted for DUI does not just impact just you; it impacts your entire family as well. A good DUI lawyer will be able to tell you about the case and help you to devise a defense that is more beneficial to you and your case.