Florida Driving Drunk: The Tale of the Drunk Driver

In Florida, driving drunk can be a very scary thing- from the time the cops pull you over to the end of your day in court; you are facing serious fines, jail time and other punishments. In addition to that, you are facing the disappointment that others will feel about you and the anger and frustration that you may feel for yourself. It starts with a party and ends with a lot of heartache.

The Florida driving drunk story is not a rare one, unfortunately, and it can often be one that has a tragic ending. There were nearly 35,000 stories that started and ended just like this one, more than 4,000 of them in the Tampa area alone. You walk out to your car after an evening out with friends and the next thing you know there is a cop behind you. If you are in Florida, driving drunk is one the worst things that you could do. If you think about all of the things that you are facing if convicted, you will understand how very scary the matter can be. It can be financially devastating to your entire family, especially when you consider that you might possibly lose your job because of this conviction.

And, the Florida drunk driving story does not end there. You could face the inability to get certain types of jobs as well as discounts on auto insurance because of your conviction. If it is a first offense, you will have fines of up to $500, possible jail time and community service. In addition, you will have to pay to have your license reinstated whenever you are eligible to do so. How long you have to wait depends on whether or not you were compliant with your arresting officer or not.