Florida Drunk Driving Laws: Who Writes Them, Who Understands Them?

Take several people from different walks of life and ask them their opinion about Florida drunk driving law and you might be amazed at the wide range of responses and attitudes that you will get. The people who have been negatively impacted by drunk driving in any way will jump up and down and declare that the laws are not strong enough. The people who have never been personally impacted will say they do not have an opinion. The people who are currently dealing with a case may quietly slink away before the first group gets their scent and goes for blood. However, take any of those first two groups after having fallen on the other side of Florida drunk driving law and see how much their attitude has changed.

Florida drunk driving law is written by politicians who must make sure that they run their campaigns on a platform of very tough on crime stances. The people who are most vocal are the ones that these politicians will be targeting with their speeches and election promises. The tough on crime crowd will want stricter and more strongly enforced Florida drunk driving laws to be written, however, things are rarely cut and dried, black and white with the actual cases that involve people. The fastest way to change the opinion of a rabid, tough on crime person? Simple, arrest them for a similar crime.

The Florida drunk driving law in effect today will be enforced by cops who may not understand the changes tomorrow. It will impact the lay person who will not understand the way that the law is written or the way that it is enforced. Having an attorney is not only a good idea, it is absolutely vital because Florida drunk driving law is difficult to understand at best, unless you know exactly what you are doing.