Florida Drunk Driving Lawyer: Who is the Right Person for Your Case?

Two attorneys are possible for your case: the public defender who may or may not get the file containing your case until ten minutes before your name is called and the Florida drunk driving lawyer that you yourself hire. Which one has the most hope of getting the best resolution for your case? If you are planning on pinning your hopes on the public defender, you might not have more than optimism on your side. It is far better to get your own Florida drunk driving lawyer so that your case is given full attention.

The public defender’s offices, as competent as they are, are very busy people. The case that is put before them is just one of a very many cases that they will deal with. They are going to be less likely to work hard to get the right or best outcome for you and your case. Your own Florida drunk driving lawyer will not only work with you on an individual basis, but will work hard to resolve the case in the best way for you. For instance, there might have been incomplete papers or reports filed by the police that may not be noticed by another attorney.

The Florida drunk driving lawyer can use the incomplete files or reports to make your case even stronger. There are many ways that the attorney can work toward getting a better outcome for you- from getting the case resolved to even getting the charges reduced or, in some cases, dropped altogether.

The right Florida drunk driving lawyer is the one that can listen to you, pay attention to your case and then find the right resolution for you. If you are facing a drunk driving charge of any level, it is better to have a good lawyer who can help you. Your case is not helpless or hopeless. There are things that can be done to help you, but you have to have the right Florida drunk driving lawyer to get the right resolution.