Florida DUI Law: Finding a Lawyer to Help You with Your Case

Being arrested for any reason can be a very scary thing. In addition, it can be a very confusing thing, especially if you are trying to navigate the world of Florida DUI law without an attorney. You need to have someone who can help you fill out all of the proper forms, find out all of the answers to the questions that you surely have and to make sure that you are coming to all of your court appearances on time. The criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you get a suspended or reduced sentence, especially if this is your first offense.

Under Florida DUI law, you can lose your license for a full year if you refuse to take any of the tests that are asked of you by the arresting officer. For instance, if you are asked to take a breath test or asked to submit to blood or urine testing to gauge the level of your impairment, you could lose your license for a year, in addition to the amount of time that you will have added after your case is heard without the defense of a good lawyer. If you do take the field test and pass it, but the police are still insisting on urine or blood tests, they must have just cause for the further testing. If they cannot prove why they are continuing to hold you, despite the fact that you have passed a breath test, you may have very solid grounds for a wrongful arrest case. There are many reasons that you need to have an experienced lawyer for your DUI case, especially when it comes to the statutes. They are not all just black and white, cut and dried after all. And remember, the cops are not at all interested in protecting your civil liberties at all. They are betting that you do not know your full rights under the law and they will push just as far as they can, up to and over that line. Protect your rights by using a good attorney or you are giving up more than just your license and some fines.

Also under Florida DUI law, even a first time offender can be sent to DUI driverís school at their own expense before they are eligible to get their driverís license back at all. You will have to pay a reinstatement fee, higher insurance premiums and other associated costs as well. All of these fees and fines can really add up quickly, so it is very important that you work with an attorney who could possibly get some of them suspended. However, if you violate any law during your probation period, especially a second violation of Florida DUI law, you will have those reinstated and added to the fines and fees of the second case, a small cost to pay for your peace of mind.