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There are two times when a plea is entered in a misdemeanor criminal case:
1) Upon Arraignment, or;
2) At a designated time to enter a change of plea

Unlike Florida felony cases, a criminal defendant can enter a plea at either times. Either way, you should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney before doing so.

Here is why:
If you have potential legal defenses, it is important to weigh the impact of Florida's criminal case discovery rules.

These rules require the government to provide certain information to anyone charged with a crime, and this information may:
1)  uncover defenses that are complete defenses to any and all charges,
2)  uncover partial defenses to some, but not all charges, or;
3)  uncover partial defenses that justify a reduction or substitution of lesser charges for more serious ones.

There is a big difference between pre-trial defenses and trial defenses, and only an experienced attorney can explain the difference and the magnitude of the potential danger of exercising certain defenses. You don't want to find yourself in a position where reckless defenses actually hurt your case and increase both the likelihood and severity of criminal punishment.

Sometimes, it is to your advantage to enter a quick plea upon formal charging at Arraignment Court. However, most of the time is more advantageous to enter a formal Change of Plea at a later date, after discovery has been reviewed by a highly skilled lawyer.

Most lay people are totally incapable of interpreting Florida criminal statutes, rules, local rules (often unwritten), procedural issues and case law.

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Criminal Law Expert
Stephen G. Cobb is a specialist in Criminal Law.  If you are looking for a Criminal Law Expert in Florida for your DUI arrest, please contact Stephen Cobb.

Attorney Stephen G. Cobb, a certified criminal trial law specialist, and can help you with your DUI arrest.  You can learn more about our firm at CobbLawFirm.com

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Understanding Florida's Local Procedures

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There are two basic types of criminal trials in Florida: Jury Trials and Bench Trials.

Jury Trials are trials where six to twelve people are selected to render a verdict. Jurors do not decide legal issues such as whether someone's rights were violated or whether a case should be dismissed. Jurors decided issues about the facts, the judge decides issues of law.

For example, a person is prosecuted for battery, the defense is that no battery occurred, and the person claiming the battery has lied. The judge would not dismiss the case based upon a defense that the would-be victim has lied. Why? The jurors decide whether the person is lying. The issue of whether the person is lying is a factual issue, not a legal issue.

Bench Trials are where the judge decides both the legal and the factual matters. For example, in a Florida criminal law Bench Trial, the judge could find that the witness lied as a matter of fact because the judge would decide factual issues as well as legal ones.

In Juvenile Delinquency cases, all trials are Bench Trials unless the juvenile in question has been waived up to adult court by the prosecutor.
NOTE: Probation and Community Control Violation Cases are actually hearings, but they are more like Bench Trials since there is no right to a jury.

The Florida Bar Association Board of Legal Education and Specialization in Tallahassee, Florida, has designated Attorney Stephen G. Cobb as a Board Certified Criminal Trial Law Specialist. The Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm handles all phases of Florida Criminal Trial Law, from pretrial discovery through verdict.

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Certified Florida Criminal Trial Law Specialist

If you have recently been charged with a driving while intoxicated (DWI) and need assistance fighting for your case, be sure to contact Stephen G. Cobb at 850-651-6565 your FREE case evaluation. CobbLawFirm.com is an educated, experienced DUI attorney is just who you need to help fight for your rights.

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